Cross Border Inheritance Lawyer

Our Dutch name “Cross Border Erfrecht Advocatuur” means “Cross Border Inheritance Lawyer”.
We can assist you in the committed, tactful, and discreet settlement of complex estates, within the Netherlands and internationally around the globe.
Dutch inheritance law is a complex law, and there are only very few law firms in the Netherlands that are specialized in and are experienced in inheritance law.

International inheritance with worldwide assets

International inheritance law – in which assets lie abroad and where foreign inheritance law might apply – is even more complex.
Germaine Kuis, owner of CBEA, has been one of the very few specialists in that field in the Netherlands since 2000. Knowledgeable and experienced, CBEA became a known expert in the field of Dutch and international inheritance law.
Germaine combines her practice of Dutch inheritance law with her specialization in international inheritance law. She therefore can advise you on the rules of foreign private law as well as foreign material law in and outside Europe.


Germaine Kuis has more than twenty-five years of experience in advising and providing legal assistance in the settlement of complex, often cross-border estates, which also often include (international) real estate, family businesses, other legal entities, or equity portfolios.
But also with less complex or less extensive inheritances within the Netherlands, she will fully commit to settling your estate as well as possible.

Committed, tactful and discreet.

A death is not only sad, but also raises uncertainties about the exact rights and obligations of heirs and others involved. Unfortunately, these ambiguities all too often lead to tensions, conflicts of interest.
CBEA will always respect tactfully and discreetly your (family) relationships, and where appropriate involve human and emotional aspects in all considerations.
Where necessary, CBEA will of course stand up firmly for your interests. CBEA has successfully conducted several lawsuits for clients.
We can refer to the reviews at the website and the complimentary comments that she has been given by so many clients.

Advice as a ‘prompter’

As an experienced expert, CBEA often acts as a ‘prompter’.
Discreetly in the background, Germaine can advise you in your role as executor, settlement administrator or heir on how to act, without the other interested party(s) being aware that you have professional advice from a lawyer. If your case is not easy to solve, you can still bring your lawyer into the open.
With a ‘prompter’ you prevent legal errors that can possibly have a detrimental effect.

Drawing up wills

CBEA regularly draws up wills, especially when foreign assets are involved.
The appropriate foreign inheritance laws will be properly investigated and then incorporated into the will. This prevents a will that proves wrong only after a death.

Involve a lawyer at an early stage!

If you involve a lawyer at an early stage, the settlement of an estate will often be smoother. Unlike a Dutch civil law notary, a lawyer can advise and assist you in court.
In the event that a conflict cannot be settled, your lawyer can continue to represent your interests, while a notary must resign from his work and refer his client.

Register Estate Planner

Germaine is registered as Estate Planner. She has 2 Law degrees; the first one to be a lawyer at the Dutch Bar Association and the second one as a Dutch civil law notary.  She therefore has a great deal of knowledge of tax matters. In addition to these law degrees, Germaine has followed and continuously updates a thorough specialization training in estate planning and is thus skilled in the legal, tax and financial aspects of estate planning, marriage and divorce and business succession -among others. This gives her sufficient knowledge to oversee all these aspects and to confidently advise and guide you in this.


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