What is the procedure according to Dutch inheritance law to settle?

In most cases, especially if there is a marriage contract or a will, calling on the services of an inheritance lawyer is certainly an appropriate way to wind up the estate.
The inheritance lawyer will assist the heirs to settle the estate. She will determine who the heirs are, then check whether a will exists and advise the beneficiaries as to whether they must accept or possibly would do better to refuse the inheritance.
She also assists in drawing up an inventory of the estate and the distribution thereof. If the inheritance lawyer is also a registered estate planner (as Germaine is) she may also assist them in complying with their tax obligations.
Only in a few situations does the court play a role in winding up successions. This may occur if winding up the estate is disputed or if one of the heirs (for example as he or she is a minor) is unable to look after his or her interests.